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toolbox-withvirtures2The CANDO Mission is to create a societal movement behind character education that builds and sustains positive values in our children, families, and our communities. This will be achieved via multimedia educational and entertainment vehicles portrayed by the actors/Characters in The CANDO Story that represent positive character traits/values/choices/characteristics that help one achieve one’s potential in becoming a CANDO Person while helping to encourage others in navigating their own CANDO journey along their own CANDO Avenue.

“Character a distinctive quality; “mental and ethical traits that mark a person” … … as defined in Webster’s 7th New Collegiate Dictionary

“Throughout history, thoughtful philosophers and educators have been concerned about the cultivation of character traits such as honesty, courage, perseverance, loyalty, caring, civic virtue, justice, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness. The consensus is, that these traits (and others like them) are not innate and must be acquired through teaching and practice in the home and in the schools. Traits, or virtues, must be transmitted to be internalized. It is an important function for educators to help form children into adults who behave well, who demonstrate good “external conduct”, and who understand why that sort of behavior is important.” … as defined from the California Department of Education

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