Sample Characters from the CANDO Story

Sample Characters from the CANDO Story

littlecdLITTLE CANDO Characteristic: The Can Do! Spirit This key Character is a lovable elf who makes friends representing the “Can Do! Spirit in us all”.

Button3-500 copyButton Characteristic:Dependability. Button is tour link connector/currently conducting Tour # 509.

butterflyPremise Characteristic: Foundation. Premise represents the Premise in The CANDO Story that it can be done We Can Do It. When you see Premise flutter by you know someone is being cognitive of the idea “I Can”.

theguy-smallCANDO Characteristic: Optimism. The name of this character is an acronym for Creating A New Dimension of Optimism. CANDO

rosie-flat copyROSIE THE RIVETER Characteristic: Teamwork. In this WW3 war of values now upon us/time has come to re-enlist the Character who won WW2 for us/Rosie The Riveter with her Can Do! Attitude.

candokidCANDO Kid Characteristic: Positive Attitude. “Be The Best You Can Be”

OTooleO’TOOLE – Characteristic: Merriment. One of Little Cando’s cousins from the Emerald Forest in Ireland, O’Toole always finds a way to “accentuate the positive”.


DOOGIE Characteristic: Education. Doogie The Dinosaur is associate professor of history teaching with Goldie @ CANDO School.

sunnybelle-iconSUNNYBELLE Characteristic: Cheerfulness. ”a sunny disposition is contagious”

Elmo-Cando-wapple2-croppedELMO CANDO Characteristic: Work Habits. CANDO Studios photographer providing tireless exemplary/motivational essential documentation of The CANDO Story.

goldie-iconGOLDIE (formal name: Evening Star) – Characteristic: Education. Stunning and colorful, Goldie is a teacher of love and logic @ CANDO School.

writer-feather-iconWRITER Characteristic: Accountability. Keeping account of events/narrator of Captain CANDO & The Golden Voyage.

buzz-orangephoneBUZZ Characteristic: Social Skills. Buzz The Bumblebee can often be seen @ Chatterbuzz Salon with Britty Lee and all the gang catching up on all the latest from The Ave.”Have you heard The Buzz!”

AMBROSE – Characteristic:
Environmentalist. Ambrose, Little Cando’s cousin, is vitally interested in environmental issues. Often perplexed about how things work on planet earth, at times Ambrose finds himself in hilarious situations as found in Ambrose Greeting Cards/cartoon strip.

COSMO Characteristic:
Curiosity. Amazement of wonder as reported by COSMO captivates adventurous imagination of an ever expanding Constellation CANDO thinking design.

Tewa-copyTEWA Characteristic: Loyalty . Canoe guide of the Teagarden.

Chyenne2CHEYENNE Characteristic: Compassion. guardian of Teagarden waterways/ companion to TEWA.

cocomo1 200COCOMO Characteristic: Horticulture. Cocomo The Coconut can tell many a sea travel story of seeding adventures to distant shores.

Topo-150x copyTOPO Characteristic: Reasoning. Topo Topography/mapologist of one’s achievement landscape.

raindrop-revised copyLITTLE H2o (RAINDROP) Characteristic: Resilience. Raindrop life renewal opportunity elemental to positive change/new growth.


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